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miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Talk to me when you read this...

Can I tell you something?
Just come here, right next to me.
Very close, closer.

"I miss you, I miss your smile"
I don't shed any tears anymore
but I miss your hugs, too.

I miss to talk to you everyday,
to feel that your are there for me.

I think you are still there
but I can't feel you in the same way.

Things have changed.
Feelings have changed.
Thoughts have changed.

I miss the way you used to touch me,
I miss your kisses, too.

But I don't miss those tears
that I dropped for you.

All those tears that I think you didn't even now
how much harm they did
and how much they cost.

Well, you didn't even loved me
the way I wanted, just for starters.

But it doesn't matter anymore.
I'm going another way.

I still love you, I still need you
and I care so much about you.

But it will never be the same,
I hope you'll find love
and I want you to be happy.

Maybe I will see you again soon
or maybe not.

But I know that my life
doesn't revolve around you anymore.

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